Multiple Perspectives

  • How lessons in your subject field can reflect the diversity of your community, region, country, or world.

My lesson about the sustainable development is a hot topic and a photo of reality in my region. The Chinese government had been putting emphasis on development, ignoring all the environmental issues that come with the development. So as long as the development could increase the GDP, the government would do everything they can to keep the development going. Now they have realized the importance of environmental protection and weighing the pros and cons when they are letting in factories. This process also happened in developed countries many years. By introducing many foreign companies and factories in this region, the teacher is showing the students the diversity of this area for sustainable development.

  • A rationale for why it is important to introduce students to¬†multicultural content and multiple perspectives in the curriculum.

If the students only view the issue from their own cultural perspective as a developing country, their eyes will be blinded by their cultural background and they will not be able to development a comprehensive perspective in the curriculum.

  • How will you know that students are developing cultural competence in your classroom?

I would be able to tell the students are developing cultural competence if they are able to use historical events which happened before in the developed countries, if they are able to set up the story in other cultural backgrounds, and if they are able to view the project in a perspective as a person other than their own ethnic group.


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